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Welcome to Jay’s Outdoor Life!

Welcome to Jay’s Outdoor Life! I am aiming to not only blog my outdoor adventures but to be a one-stop resource for all things Outdoorsman related, with a focus on fair chase hunting, fishing, foraging as well as processing your harvest and making delicious, memorable meals out of it. We are quickly growing and changing, so check back often! I also welcome all ideas for content! If there’s something you want to see, let me know in our forums or shoot me a personal message or email and I will try to make it happen! Also please stop by the forums and introduce yourselves, lets all work together to make this Outdoor community grow!

We have a Discord chat server! Discord is a very powerful real-time text and voice chat server tailored to gamers however I believe it will work out great for an Outdoorsman’s site as well. There are clients available for Android, IOS, Mac and PC as well as a web client that is always available. For more info go to http://www.discordapp.com

In order to use Discord you must first sign up on here, once you have an account on jaysoutdoor.life you will be able to see who is online and join our Discord server using the Widget along the right-hand side of the webpage. If anyone needs any assistance with any of this feel free to shoot me a message.

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New Community Chatrooms Powered by Slack!

September 2nd, 2018|0 Comments

Today I am happy to announce our newest feature! A real-time community chat system for all outdoor enthusiasts that you can take with you anywhere, powered by Slack! Slack integration into the website will allow up to 8000 members to communicate with other hunters, fisherman, foragers, boaters, whatever it is that gets you outside there will be likeminded people to share your experiences with! Share Photos/Videos/Filetypes of any format as [...]

Gray Squirrel Bonanza – Benjamin Marauder .22 PCP

October 21st, 2017|Comments Off on Gray Squirrel Bonanza – Benjamin Marauder .22 PCP

BYUUUUP! Its time of year again, yup gray squirrel season! Yeeeee Haaaaa! PEW! PEW! PEW! In this video I dispatch 16 or so over a few day period. All kills were made on my private property and all squirrels were cleaned, butchered and vacuum packed for winter consumption. I have altered the video format a bit to allow more video action and less yappin. Give me your thoughts on the [...]

Chipmunk Smackdown #7

October 15th, 2017|Comments Off on Chipmunk Smackdown #7

Here is my seventh installment for 2017 featuring more chipmunk pesting here at camp Hajimoto. I have over 50 kills and will be rolling out bite sized videos rather than a 1 hour feature. I pack the video full of Chipmunk a smack downs, other than the chokes! LOL Below are some links to the folks I shouted out in this video. Please go and visit their channels and tell [...]

Sous Vide Country Fried Squirrel

October 9th, 2017|0 Comments

Gray Squirrel season has been open for about a month now in CT and MA and I have been out chasing bushytails as much as time allows. My season has been alright so far. With temperatures in the mid 80's, low 90's that put a stop to squirrel activity after about mid-morning. But I have not yet gotten skunked! Neither have I gotten my limit, but the season has just begun! Besides [...]

Benjamin Marauder .22 Accuracy #2

September 29th, 2017|Comments Off on Benjamin Marauder .22 Accuracy #2

Another short video that demonstrates the accuracy of my tuned, tweaked and Hajimoto-fied (MROD GEN2)Benjamin Marauder Generation 2 .22 caliber PCP Powered by WPeMatico

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OTW’s Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2018

Below are the 10 most popular photos posted to the On The Water Instagram account in 2018. Thanks to all of our followers who tagged us (#onthewatermagazine) and messaged us with great fishing photography throughout the year. A new fishing season starts in just a couple weeks, and we can’t wait to see your photos of it. 10. Shark-Shredded Striper   View this post on Instagram   The Cape Cod [...]

How to Deer Hunt on Public Land

If you want to become a better public land deer hunter, learn how to simply find deer on public land. Learn how these critters behave when the pressure is on, and you can hunt deer anywhere in North America. Trust me on this one, as I’ve spent more than 30 years learning the hard way. Granted most of my hunting today is on small private parcels here at home, almost [...]

Rick Rehm Shooting Air Pistol Offhand – Don’t Try This At Home Folks!

In this video, Rick Rehm – YouTube’s Shooter 1721 – has some fun with a Crosman Silhouette PCP air pistol. He’s shooting air pistol offhand in some very unusual ways! Actually, the gun is a Maverick Custom Airguns S1721 model, tuned and modified from the standard Crosman product. You can see more about it in this HAM post from back in the Summer. For those of you who have not [...]

Logical Loops

Right about now, Ol’ Man Winter has given most flyrodders a case of the blahs. To find relief from February’s doldrums, we head to the basement workshop to tie flies, clean tackle, listen to Jimmy Buffet tunes, and get ready for the first warm blush of spring. Making new loops at the end of the fly line is a useful winter project that requires just enough concentration to forget about [...]

12 Days of Deals!

Don’t Miss Out! Umarex Airguns 12 Days of Deals FREE SHIPPING on Orders Over $139!* AIR PISTOLSAIR RIFLESAMMOMAGSOUTLETNEW Check back daily for a new deal! Click the link below to see your first deal. Umarex Gauntlet .25 Now in stock! $320.99 Buy Now 5 Reasons Every Family Should Try Air guns The first guns I ever shot were air guns. I have vivid memories of an aluminum pie-plate hanging from [...]

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