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Hajimoto Scope Cam

Modified Air Stripper

Hill Airguns Depinger

Wicked Air Rifles SSG

Talon Tunes Shroud Extender and baffles

Hawke Sidewinder 30SF

.25 Caliber Benjamin Marauder

UTG Heavy Duty Recon 360 BiPod

.25 JSB Exact King 25.39 Grain

The Hajimoto ScopeCam

Utilizing a GoPro Hero 5 Black, a prism, a 3d printed housing, PVC tubing and a ton of
Hajimoto time, brainpower and engineering that I can't thank him enough for, this
scope camera allows me to take high resolution, high framerate video through my
scope with minimal visible recoil in the video and without losing the ability to use my scope
like I normally would.

For more information on the scope cam, see this video: