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Today I am happy to announce our newest feature! A real-time community chat system for all outdoor enthusiasts that you can take with you anywhere, powered by Slack!

Slack integration into the website will allow up to 8000 members to communicate with other hunters, fisherman, foragers, boaters, whatever it is that gets you outside there will be likeminded people to share your experiences with!

Share Photos/Videos/Filetypes of any format as part of the conversation! Several public chat rooms with more being added all the time, based on interest, location, etc. (And I am always interested in your feedback on what you’d like to see).

Direct Messages are also supported, as well as video and voice calling with the desktop or mobile Slack apps!
So, come hang out, crack a beer and share your outdoor stories with us around a virtual campfire!

Note: This will not be a replacement for our forums but will provide a more personal experience by allowing you to chat with other members who are currently logged in using your PC or mobile device, or leave messages for them that they will see the next time they log in.