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Pork Rind Replacements

It’s been nearly two years since Uncle Josh Bait Company announced that they would no longer be offering fishing lures made from pork products. This ended a 93-year run of producing pork rind lures that began with Allen P. Jones and Urban Schreiner carving “frogs” out of fatback during a summer when the actual amphibians [...]

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Featured Lure: Siren Lures

It was late in the tuna season when Jason Ward took his first shot at bluefin on spinning gear. He hadn’t been living in Boston for long, and when he heard of fishermen taking 80- to 100-pound bluefin on spinning gear, he had to get out and try it. Ward grew up big-game fishing with [...]

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Surf-Sharking Revival

Shark fishing from shore is back in the limelight and improved tackle paired with daring tactics have allowed surfcasters to land monster sharks from the beach. It was 1998. I had just moved to Normandy Beach, New Jersey, steps from the surf, and was putting in innumerable hours tangling with stripers and blues. One evening [...]

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To Have Great Fishing Anywhere, We Need Clean Water Everywhere

The basic needs of America’s world-class trout and waterfowl populations—healthy headwaters and wetlands—are about to be undermined, so sportsmen and women need to act now We’ve written before about how water is connected, and how pollution from small, diffuse sources can accumulate and create big problems downstream. Scientists and conservationists understand that this is a [...]

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A Day Fishing on the CT River

One thing I love about fishing the CT River is the variety of fish that might be caught from striped bass to carp. I spent an afternoon out on the river targeting channel catfish using some stinky week old cocktail shrimp. Unfortunately even the catfish did not want them so I switched to good ole fashioned crawlers [...]

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