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A Couple Notes From South Africa

I just returned home from South Africa …… the flight seems soooo much longer on the way home than the trip over, I was worn out (we hunted hard) and I wanted to get home to my family, and delays only made it seem that much longer. I did get a chance to stop in [...]

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Made it to South Africa ……but still traveling

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the blog the last couple of weeks, but it’s been crazy times. Last week we had the prairie dog shoot in South Dakota, which was an absolute blast. Weather was hard on us, but all the guys bagged around 50 dogs per day each, and the whole event [...]

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Prairie Dogg’n!

With spring in full swing, it’s time for my first prairie dog trip of the year! Prairie dogs are a great carmint hunting species, because they need to be culled to keep healthy populations contained in sustainable areas without wrecking havoc on agricultural land. I’ve been out in Denver for my sons graduation from grad [...]

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Prepping the Renegade for Hunting Season!

Man this gun is accurate! I was sighting in at 30 yards in preparation for my California turkey hunt. Headshots are the rule and they are frequently close in, 5-30 yards is the norm. Those close in shots can be tricky, so I’m getting my practice in. Loving these shooting sticks BTW. I spent the [...]

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Spring Around the Bend!

We’re still in winter….. Deep in winter in some of the country…… But spring isn’t too far off. There are three things that keep me and my Airguns out hunting when we get to that time of year: the prairie dogs start popping up and staying up on the plains, the groundhogs in the eastern [...]

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Out with the Twin Master … the What?

I was going through the gun safe getting ready for a hunt in Texas (that’s where I am writing this from), and came across a gun case that had lost it’s label. I opened it up, and there was my Rohm TwinMaster Hunter. I have another one back there somewhere, and had gotten them in [...]

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